Friday, April 6, 2012

Reigan LOL

It has been a long timesince i blogging....LOL ...i am too lazy to write and i think that the probability of some1 or any1 looking at my blog would be 0.00000000001 % .....haha!! ( I am taking Probability & Statistic this sem) bcuz my blog are so boring....
NEVERTHELESS, the reason i suddenly writing again is REIGAN EVENTINE !!! LOL..... She said that she gonna force me to write again.There you go ~  =) 
(i miss you DEAR !!! )

LET CONTINUE, ummm, this is the last sem for my foundation in engineering and i have mixed feelings -HAPPY n SAD to see most of my friends going to somewhere else to continue their studies and pursue their dreams , i will miss them *sobs* T^T.... i wish YOU GUYS THE BEST WHENEVER AND WHEREVER YOU ARE ^^

gtg now, i am too addicted to KDRAMA that i am not focusing when i am writing this post...IT IS ALL CRAP!! haha~~

Love from, "V"  =)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Its DONE !!!

Today after ourclass,the FAME FATALE the only 8 girls in my group of found. in engineering was having our last meeting to do our critical thinking drama video and 2mlo we going to present it to our classmate =)

Well, in this drama i act as a cop...LOL...a emotionless cop since my acting sucks =,= bt anyway with my awesome other groupmates their acting was superb!! which make this drama better and funny ^^
but after that i had so much fun when we joke about Tiera pose and Hantu Kak Limah character parts. I LAUGH UNTIL i CRIED >,< !!!

After the hardwork done by Janet and Farah in subbing the subtitle, i would like to say thank you so much bcuz it is a difficult job and i am sorry i can't help u guys ='( n also thanks to Alice,Ying Sear,Chrysa, Tiera and Wen Yee for everything =]

There was many NG part and when we replay it we all are laughing like hell which make this drama shooting process more i hope those who gonna watch the video better keep ur eyes open and ENJOY!!!

Yiruma -Kiss the Rain and Rainy Mood (<-click the word for the link)i was listening to this song when i was writing all these post is just beautiful =) TRY TO PLAY BOTH OF THE SONGs TOGETHER =)

ok i gtg now!! tata...see u soon <3


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Finally, i manage to improve my blog new look =) it is kinda simple. Nothing much though...LOL ( hope i can improve my english through blogging)

School holiday has just started and one of my uni fren reminded me that it is almost a year since all of us has left our school to pursue our own dream and future ....suddenly i just feel old.LOL.

Yup! now i am in semester 2 in mmu taking foundation course....*smile*
Well, i have many things to juggle and sem2 is definitely more busy than sem1 with all this hectic schedule but i will that this as an lesson to juggle with hectic scheldule =]
Exam is also around the corner and i havent start my studies yet..i am so doomed =,=
so wish me luck and pray that i will remain calm throught out the exam. TATA~ 


Sunday, March 20, 2011

amali test drive~

sry guys ~ i so long didnt update my blog ~ kinda lazy this few days and the internet was lagging .....lets mourn for the japanese citizen for their lost *silent and close ur eyes for 1 minute* -_-.....0_0 ok, now open ur eyes !!!

i will continue my story then.
Today (15.3.11) i have my amali at the MSDC there,i have to wake up at 7am bcuz my instructor coming to pick me up at 7.30am and pick up other student....i feel like i travel around the whole melaka when my instructor was picky up the other 3 students. At last i arrive at MSDC at 8.45am. The 3hours talk soon start and i kinda enjoyed it since the speaker that gives talk was funny (here is a pic of that room)

then start the another 3hour lesson on how to drive !!! i was a little bit blur when that instructor tell me wad is the function and how to was a HOT n SUNNY day bt i enjoy bcuz for the 1st time i just start to noe how to drive car the instructor ad teach me how to cut 3 cars! bcuz they are too slow >,< haha! kk~ now i present u some pic from that day~

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

exercise !!!

yosh~ today i no go cycle but have a brisk walk and jogging with my oppa ^^ just like my bodyguard that protect me...hehe ! First, we warm up our body properly then start to walk n walk n walk then jog then walk ..haha!! so long didnt exercise body also karat d XD......oww~ my muscle starts to pain >,<... then hor we continue to exerise n something funny happened but i didnt manage to record it into a video. We was walking,then we saw a white cat with a black tail wandering around infront of other ppl houses then my bro was walking towards the cat but it got frighten n ran into a person house bt less than a second, the cat ran out again bcuz there was a dog guarding the house gate starts to bark n tried to chase the cat...LOL ^^
we then walk to tmn batu berendam putra again n manage to capture this beatiful scenary ...the sun was so beautiful (^.^) then we balik rumah...THE END ^^v

the picture nice leh~ haha!!

yesterday ~

ytd was a sunny day n i went for a ride with ma bicycle with my bro......we cycle around our house taman until suddenly my bicyle paddle suddenly crack and going to break...Old bike is like this punya lah ~ ^^ then me n my bro went to the tmn batu berendam putra to have the paddle change...on the way back i n my bro manage to snap some beautiful scenary of my taman playground...ENJOY ^^V

Sunday, March 6, 2011

my desktop~

ARGH ! my desktop out of sudden just rosak now i can't upload pictures to my blog....i just have to wait until it gets repair then >,<...currently using my bro's net book to post this...kamsahamida oppa ^^ ...

lately busy playing angry bird game or my bro fren called it 'burung marah' in malay. is an interesting game n i suggest u guys give it a try. U will get addicted to it or maybe not =_=" ...well well u guys have to wait for the next post then, ciao ^^V

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My first time~

Everybody always have their first time when they encounter something new and they are clueless on wad they have to do, going to do or even wad should they do actually for certain ppl i mean ME is like a puzzle or riddle that u take one at a time,step by step to solve it until the very end that u eventually will made it!!! so after writing a whole bunch of crap on my first main purpose is to tell u that this is my first time having my own blog and i hope u enjoy it very much ~ kamsahamida ^^v *peace*